Back to Back NYC – Part 1

  I love exploring NYC. This time I had a great excuse to go in. It was my friend’s birthday and we had made reservations at Parker & Quinn in Midtown Manhattan. Great place, I would definitely recommend it, but before getting there, I had to walk around an explore a bit. I was done with my endless trips into Manhattan, where I went in to run errands and did not get a chance to actually enjoy everything the city has to offer.
  I drove in, and found parking right around 6pm. I ended up on the East Side, which I am not too familiar with. Saw a few places during my drive I would love to check out . Parked on 47th street between 3rd avenue and Lexington Ave. Started walking south toward Bryant Park, went through Grand Central Terminal, which is always a delight. As I was getting closer to Bryant Park, I decided I wanted to stop by the public library. One of my favorite places in town. Anything to do with books, I’m in. It was closed, but in front of it I stumbled into an AMAZING store called Muji. This place was awesome!


  I felt transported to Japan. Only in NYC!!! There was so much to see, so many wonderful gadgets and toys, and clothing, and pens, and furniture. I mean, the list of things you could find there is endless.

  Finally made it to Parker & Quinn. The place was packed. I mean, PACKED! My friend had found a spot at the back of the bar. The bartender asked for our drinks and after talking for a bit turns out it was his birthday too! He gave us complimentary drinks as part of the birthday celebration. Our full party finally arrived, and we sat down at one of their booths.


  After a few appetizers and our meal, we went upstairs to their Rooftop bar. I would definitely make it a point to go back and hang out there, the ambiance was very nice and seems like a perfect place to have a few drinks and enjoy some good company.

  Next day was my “day adventure” in the city. I was ready for it. Who knew my work would involve having to explore and enjoy the different options this great city can offer. I love it!

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