Back to Back NYC – Part 2

  Wow! Where do I begin? In a way that was my feeling at the start of my day, and definitely my feeling at the end of today. I took the train from NJ into Penn Station, no plans, no itinerary, just a day in NYC. I was supposed to go in with a friend, but ended up going into Manhattan with my Mom, who is a total fan of the city. I jokingly told her she was getting her Manhattan fix for the month. We got off the train and walking through Penn Station I see a United Airlines Club. Really? Inside Penn Station? That was interesting.
  We made our way out of Penn Station through Madison Square Garden, which is always fun and walked down 33rd street. 
When my Mom and I were in Italy last year, she made it a point to go into every possible Church she found on our path, so obviously as soon as we stumble into one we went in


  It is nice to see there is a warm place in NY where the homeless can take shelter. It does make you appreciate all the good things you have in life, a warm place to go to, a good meal, and a comfortable bed.
  After that, we went into the Manhattan Mall, since we had not been there in ages. I saw they had a Starbucks in there…Wait a minute, didn’t we just passed one less than a block away? So, I decided to count how many of those I would see today. Let’s just say I lost count…
  Walking out of Manhattan Mall, and I found this sign
WP_20160212_10_28_23_Pro (1).jpg
  This was SO SO Cool!!! Only it would be better to do this kind of exploring and reading in the summer months; today was freezing! It was 20 degF outside, but felt like 16! Which was actually a good thing because we would go into random stores to warm up and see things around.
  After walking for another block or two my Mom asked where was that doughnut place I had mentioned a while ago. So we made our way down to 23rd street towards Doughnut Plant. On our way, we saw so many other cool stuff. There is so much talent in NY


  We warmed up at a sample sale (while browsing through some clothes of course!)


  My Mom pointed out this building top that looked like a pencil


  And we went through Eataly to warm up a bit again. This place is great! I have been there a few times, and there is always something new and fun to see.


  Finally we made it. And I can’t tell you enough great things about this place. Their Tres Leches is to die for! Their Creme Brulee doughnut is amazing! Doughnut Plant is by far my favorite doughnut place in the City!


  After our tastebuds were REALLY REALLY HAPPY! we walked West toward High Line.


  Even though it was cold, it was also sunny and very little wind, so it was nice to walk through the High Line until we made our way to Chelsea Market for some lunch.


 Their Tacos are delicious! And walking around, going into the different stores, is always fun. Chelsea Market is a great place to stop by when you are in the Chelsea District of NYC.
  It was time to start heading back, so we walked North from 16th Street towards Penn Station on 9th Avenue. There wasn’t much to explore in terms of stores. This is a pretty residential area, but there were some interesting restaurants that I would definitely be back to check out on a “Restaurant Hopping” day.
  We walked into the Post Office building by Penn Station. I had been there before, a long time ago, but this place is always a pleasure to walk into.


  The beauty of the building is just absolutely enjoyable.
  Since it was too early for our train, we went into Macy’s at Herald Square. Someone once told me there was a bar in the basement of Macy’s. I had to go check it out. Not only did we find the bar, but we found a really cool looking Food court.


  This place is just amazing. They now have a “Welcome and Information” area that is worth checking out!

WP_20160212_13_30_37_Pro (1).jpg
  I am not a huge shopping fan, but this place does it right! I wanted to buy so many things, no wonder why is always so busy!
  Finally, it was time to head back to New Jersey. By the waiting area in Penn Station I found this cool looking window


  It was a rewarding day for sure. I will always enjoy seeing new places and visiting old ones, in this ever changing beautiful city. Till next time! Live Life, Love Life

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