Lunar New Year 2016

Adventure day in NYC! I love this city. It has so much to offer. Through Facebook I found out that there was a free show/performance at Brookfield Place by the World Trace Center in Downtown Manhattan. The show was set to celebrate the Lunar New Year – Year of the Monkey!
  I invited a few friends to come with me and attend the show. We met in Hoboken and took the path to the World Trade Center (WTC) station. I am usually really good at maneuvering through the NYC subway system, but for some reason I am not as good with the Path, even though is only 3 lines. After doing some research I found out we had to make a transfer on the path to get the right line into the WTC because on the weekend the schedule changes.
  After making it into the city and walking through the WTC path station, I was mesmerized by the beauty of it. I had not been in the station since the 9/11 happened. I was excited to be back and seeing what a wonderful work people have done in the area.


There are signs everywhere, so making our way to Brookfield Place was really simple. As soon as we entered the building, you could hear the drums and the music. It was very easy to find the stage. We were a little late, but still got a chance to catch 90% of the show.
  I was happy to see so many people attended. This was a remarkable performance, I am always amazed by the Chinese culture, their discipline and different dances.


The costumes were beautiful, the performances from young children to the adults were very entertaining and really well done.


It’s always great making the trip into NYC. I can’t wait to come back and continue exploring and discovering places, experiencing different shows and cultures that you can find in this amazing place called New York City.

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