Gods, Easter Bunnys & Bag Pipe Band

  I took a trip into Manhattan yesterday. The train ride was actually nice, the person who sat next to me before going into Penn Station started talking to me about our common interest in food. I also mentioned to her that I write about doing some local tourism in the city, and she said she really wants to make an effort to take an extra hour or two on a regular day and actually appreciate the things that you pass on a daily basis but never get a chance to stop and appreciate. Don’t we all want to do that?
 I needed to run another errand around 51st Street and 5th Ave. When I was done, I saw a sign about a free exhibition about Gods and Mortals at Olympus. I really want to travel to Greece, but since I cannot do that right away, this is a great way to experience a little but of their culture and Greek Mythology.


  The exhibition is open to the public. It was breathtaking. The pieces they unearthed in the city of Dion at the base of Mt. Olympus are magnificent. Now Greece moved a bit higher on my priority list of places to visit. The Onassis Cultural Center did an excellent job setting up the exhibition. I had a quick chat with the lady at the reception desk, she was super friendly and extremely helpful. For anyone interested, you should definitely stop by and visit this exhibition. If you want more information, click here to be directed to the exhibition webpage.
  I walked towards Rockefeller Center to catch the M1 bus to go Downtown and stumble upon a giant Easter Bunny.


  As always, the variety in NYC is so great, there is no way anyone can be bored in this city.
  I met my friend Nicole at Bite 14. Small sandwich place, but let me tell you, the food was delicious. Everyone that came into the establishment was really happy with their meal. It is inexpensive and tastes amazing, so I highly recommend it.
  Since the day was sunny and beautiful we walked around, passed a few cool places, made it all the way down to Cooper Union, then up back to Union Square.

  I just love the different architecture and buildings in the city. We ended up coming across a wonderful band called Drums N’ Roses. Epic photobomb before we walked towards the farmers market and I had to run back to the train.


  Again, I love the diversity you can find, there is always something new to discover. I think I will have this job FOREVER!

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