A Taste of Early Spring

  I went into NYC since the forecast promised temperatures above the 70’s degF and sunny. For those who have experience with winter, you know by the time March hits, you are ready to start warming up and for Spring to finally arrive. Don’t get me wrong, I learned to love winter, I get a chance to ski, and take a vacation to the West Coast to enjoy the wonderful skiing those mountains can offer.
  Getting back to my visit to NY today, I went in for 3 reasons:
   #1 I really wanted to enjoy the weather outside and walk around
   #2 I needed to stop by the Venezuelan Consulate
   #3 I wanted to catch up with my NYC Series for my blog

  Let’s get #2 out of the way first thing when I arrived. Of course at 2pm in the afternoon, the consulate is closed to the public (noticed this is written with some sarcasm!) not even banks have that bad of a schedule. Well, nothing urgent to do, so I’ll have to come back.


  The good thing is the Consulate is located right next to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, really close to Rockefeller Center, so I ventured my way around the area before heading up to Central Park.


  I knew New Yorkers will be outside enjoying the beautiful day, but I certainly did not expect to see the ice rink at Rockefeller. I guess I am so eager for Spring, I already imagined the tables set up in this area where the Ice Rink sits. Soon enough, no need to rush.
  Made my way up to Central Park, as always the walk is very entertaining


  What can I say, I really love Central Park, it is a really peaceful place in Manhattan.

Central Park.jpg

  After doing Cardio this morning, rushing to the train (yes, I usually leave later than I want to), and walking around so much I needed to eat something quick, filling, as healthy as possible, and inexpensive. I ended up at the Shops in Columbus Circle, and grabbed some food at Whole Foods.

  And when I say inexpensive, I really mean it. I grabbed some filling items that don’t weight too much and are still healthish (except for that Squash Mac & Cheese, that’s my weak spot!). This is where you have to get creative to get a healthy snack for under $2 in NYC. It is POSSIBLE!.
  Last picture of my day is the view of lower Manhattan. I really can’t get enough of this view!


  Till next time Manhattan! It is always a pleasure visiting you.

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