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  I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but a Venezuelan living in the NY/NJ area sometimes doesn’t understand everything that happens in NYC, or why you guys call a hidden bar/restaurant or club a speakeasy. In any case, I was fortunate to venture into one a few weeks ago. I was excited about visiting the Essex Street Market, but on my way there, I found this “antique and pawn shop”. Of course I love looking around antique stores in the city, some of their displays are pretty incredible and interesting, but when I saw a bunch of ladies dressed up and entering into this store, I knew something was not normal about this place. When I walked in, I see people entering and leaving through the back door next to the cashier, very nonchalant I made my way there and opened the door.
  Let me put the mental picture in your head, it is cold and rainy outside, I was prepared to brave the weather and walk around outdoors, hiking boots, big winter coat, no makeup on, hiking bag over my shoulder. I walk in next to really beautiful people, getting dropped off in limos or private cars, high heels, sandals, perfect dresses, perfect hair and makeup. Oh well, this is why I love NYC, you can run into anything pretty much anywhere. As I walked into the speakeasy establishment, Beauty & Essex, I was taken aback by the beauty of the place. It was really elegant, and perfect to have a birthday brunch or party. I can’t wait to go back with proper attire of course.
  Funny thing is that right next to the speakeasy, before the Essex street market, there is another NYC secret (or maybe not so secret to many), the Lowline. This is the first underground park, you can read more about it here.
  The place is really intriguing, I want to hear more about it and follow how it progresses in the future. Just to give you an idea of what it looked like when I visited, here are some pics:
Lowline Collage.jpg

  This was another highlight of my trip into the always changing, always evolving city of New York. You can read more about my food experience during this city trip in by Cook section of the blog, or through here.

  Stay tuned for my next trip into Manhattan and what area I’m exploring next time. Thanks again for visiting my blog.

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