District Social NYC – Review


  Last week I had planned a dinner with some fellow food bloggers that I met at the Everything Food Conference in Salt Lake City. I was really excited about meeting with them since I had not seen anyone from the conference since early June. Since we were all coming from outside Manhattan, we picked a place close to Penn Station to hang out, catch up and have some good food. I suggested District Social, it seemed to be in a convenient location and also I read good reviews. The drink menu was good, the food looked to be reasonable for NYC, and the atmosphere seemed to be pretty relaxed.
  We were meeting around 6:30pm, and of course came across the “after-work” bar crowd. The day was beautiful, and they had happy hour! I call that a win. I was the first one to arrive, I went to the bar, order a drink and waited on the side for my friends to get there. The bartender was super helpful and quick on getting me that drink. I needed it. I had a tough few days at work and needed to change it up a bit and meet with people who are not in the engineering world.
  Jason arrived just a few minutes after me getting a drink, and Michelle showed up as soon as Jason got his drink in his hand. We headed to the back so we could get a table, sit down and catch up on our latest blogging adventures. The waitress was super friendly, I asked to hear about the specials and then asked her for her recommendations. I have to remind myself to do this more often. She suggested we tried the Brussels sprouts. My first reaction was: out of everything in the menu, did she really just suggested Brussels sprouts as her favorite? Everyone on the table agreed they loved Brussels sprouts, so we were sold!
  She was not lying! The Brussels sprouts were AMAZING!

At first, I was confused by the presentation, but as soon as we started eating, we were all in heaven. They tasted incredible. Funny thing about going out to dinner with fellow food bloggers is that we are all foodies and want to try too many dishes, we decided early on to order a bunch of food to share, that way nobody was missing out on anything. We ordered a total of 4 dishes, including the Octopus and one of their flat breads. Everything they brought out of the kitchen was just delicious. Kudos to the Chef, the food is really outstanding at District Social. I am definitely coming back. It is always fun to discover new places in NYC (even if they have been there for a while). I apologize for the lack of food images, but we all got so deep into the conversation that after the first two dishes came out, we just enjoyed food, the company and forgot about the food pictures. And as a food blogger, once in a while forgetting about food pictures is OK.

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