Acme Restaurant and Balancing Healthy Habits

Living close to NYC certainly has its perks. One of them is being able to enjoy restaurant week (running until February 10th, so you still have some time to check it out!). I decided to change things up a bit this week on the blog and write a restaurant review. But before I get into all the details about food and what I ate, and what they served, and the service and ambiance I want to share a quick story about an article I read recently.

My friend Nancy posted a picture of Carrie Underwood on her Facebook page saying how she would love to have Carrie’s legs. I’m not the kind of person to follow a celebrity, so I quickly glanced through it and continue browsing through my newsfeed.

A couple of days later I was killing some time online when I came across an article on Elle magazine on Carrie Underwood’s diet and workout.

As you may have seen, I have been spending some time learning about nutrition, researching more about food and eating habits, and making general recommendations on healthy diet, buying organic produce, understanding nutrition fact labels, etc. What I haven’t talked about much is balance, and this is when reading that article about Carrie Underwood really inspired me to open up. She describes herself as “mostly vegan”, but she is not afraid of talking about her imperfections (I love it!). I’m a big believer in following a healthy diet, eating well, but do I stick to it ALL THE TIME, the answer is a big-fat NO!

I love burgers, I love cheese, I love french fries, I love chicken wings, but I don’t eat that every day, nor even once a week. I try to keep my life a bit balanced. If I have a craving for a few days on some “not-too-healthy” food, I pretty much go for it after giving myself a pep-talk to enjoy that meal without making it a habit.

It is really easy to fall off the wagon and eat out all the time, order take-out, wake up on a weekend morning and be lazy, skip the workout and make other things priority, but if you are unhappy with your weight, or your health, or feel that you need to do something but never get to it, just think about what is priority in your life right now and how does that match to the way you feel. Keep balance, but also be aware of your habits. For example, I have been touring the local craft breweries in NJ for a few months now, is drinking beer a healthy habit? Nope, but do I enjoy myself when I visit the micro-breweries? YES, do I get drunk every time I go -NOPE…so again, is all about balance (if you want to read the article about Carrie Underwood click here).

Let’s stay on this “balance” topic. It’s been a few weeks since I last visited NYC. Taking advantage of restaurant week, my boyfriend and I decided to do some research and visit a new restaurant we wouldn’t normally pick (because either it was too expensive or in an area we don’t visit too often). We ended up going to Acme. If you look in Google, the restaurant is described as an “upscale French & Italian bistro fare”. After making the reservation through OpenTable for Sunday at noon we were excited to try this place. Looked for the Brunch restaurant week menu online but couldn’t find it, so here is a picture of it:

Acme Restaurant Week Brunch Menu

After reading through their regular menu (their menu is pretty simple, which sometimes is a good thing) and their restaurant week menu, we both decided to stick to the restaurant week meal offering. This is a great deal; each one of us gets to pick one appetizer, one entree and one dessert for $29 total (not including tips and taxes of course). I went with the Crispy Artichoke (AMAZING!), the baked rigatoni arrabiata for the entree (delicious) and the cheesecake for dessert (just perfect, not overwhelmingly sweet and had some leftovers to bring back home). My bf ordered the Kale Caesar salad (ignoring the eggs on the side, it was a great salad), the roasted trout (really DELICIOUS) and the ice cream (you can never go wrong with ice cream).

We were both definitely impressed with their food, fresh ingredients, portions were just right (except that I ate all of the first two courses so I was pretty full), and the service was really incredible. Very attentive but not too intrusive. We absolutely enjoyed the food, kudos to the chef and kitchen crew, I want the recipe for crispy artichoke – they were really THAT GOOD!

This is my 3rd time enjoying restaurant week, and I will say so far I am loving it and can’t wait to do it again (in the summer). Have you ever visited NYC during restaurant week or tried one of the participating restaurants? If you have, definitely share your experience here, I would love to get some ideas on where to go for the next one!


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