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I must confess I love traveling, but food becomes a bit of a struggle after a while. I had one week between my trip to Germany and my trip to Texas, during that week I tried to eat as many veggies as I could but I was still tired and a bit jetlagged. Now that the weather is warming up, and after visiting the beach in Corpus Christi, TX I need a detox!

Eating while traveling for work is hard. When I go on vacation I have no problem choosing healthier restaurant options or even stopping by the local grocery store and picking up some fresh foods. Last week I was traveling with co-workers for a seminar the company I work for was hosting, and although I love attending those sorts of events, I find myself not snacking enough or drinking enough water. This leads to overeating at lunchtime and dinner.

I must say, I was pretty good at dinner time. I know that if I eat and drink too much alcohol I won’t sleep well and then it all snowballs into being tired, not being able to pay attention to the seminar, and just not focusing completely on the task at hand.

There are 3 things I try my best to do when I travel and have a crazy schedule:

  1. It’s OK to say no to socializing after dinner and go get some good rest: most of the clients and coworkers would socialize after dinner at the hotel bar. I decided to skip, for two reasons – one because I had the nutrition class and blog to work on and two because I wanted to go to sleep at a reasonable time.
  2. It’s OK to order just a salad for dinner: while most people splurge when they go out to dinner, especially when someone else is paying for your bill, I don’t need to eat the most expensive dish on the menu or order a big piece of steak. A salad is a perfect food for my stomach late at night, it gets digested easily and doesn’t get me bloated.
  3. I meditate in the morning: even if I have to wake up 15 minutes earlier I made sure to meditate every morning before starting my day. Using my phone or my Chromebook I will select a 10 minute guided meditation video on YouTube to help me stay focused and energized through the day. For the past month and a half, I have been creating this habit. I make it a priority and it has really helped me with anxiety (the feeling I get because I tend to put too much on my plate ALL THE TIME!).

Although all of the above helped me stay relatively healthy during the trip, breakfast and lunch were a bit of a struggle. If you ever travel for work and end up in a meeting room where the hotel is providing breakfast and lunch chances are your choices are limited. Breakfast consisted of eggs, muffins, and pastries. Since I don’t eat eggs I ended up eating a muffin for breakfast, which leads to a sugar crash mid morning. Lesson learned, next time I need to pick up easy breakfast to go and some fruits so I don’t end up eating 800 calories from fat and sugar first thing in the morning. Lunch consisted of either cold cuts or a burger. I ended up taking some of the lettuce and tomatoes served as decoration, chopping it up and eating that as a salad – yes I know, crazy but it works!

The two trips have left me in serious need of detoxing and knowing that summer is right around the corner and my birthday too I decided to do a 5-day sugar detox challenge. Skipping added sugar for 5 days will help me get steady energy, better my skin, and reduce some of the cellulitis I’ve developed since I haven’t exercised much and have been eating more fats than usual.

I’m starting the detox challenge Monday, May 1st, so we are less than one week away! Join me and others achieve this challenge, sign up here.

More information will be sent directly to your email after you sign-up.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next Monday!!!

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