Benefits of good eating habits

I can’t believe in a few weeks Memorial Day will be here. This is the “unofficial” summer kick-off in the US, especially in the North East, when the weather is finally warming up as we enter the actual summer season. Usually, around this time of the year, I think back on my New Year’s Resolutions. Where did the time go? And most important, have I accomplished any of my resolutions? Well, I try not to ponder too much on that. If I have, good for me if I haven’t then I am pretty sure I have been happy with the decisions I’ve made in the last few months. But what if improving your eating habits was really important and you still want to make some changes. Maybe losing a few inches around your waist before the summer is your current motivator, maybe kicking off that junk food struggle is something that you really want to accomplish. There are so many reasons why we want to improve our eating habits. My #1 reason is health. I have been thinking for the last month about my annual doctor’s visit and bloodwork. I am always anxious about my cholesterol. For the last two years, my cholesterol has been a bit on the higher side. With my family’s history of heart disease, I really pay attention to this. But doing things alone can be hard, that’s why I would love to talk to you and work together on improving our eating habits.

Benefits of better eating habits:

  1. Kicking off that sugar addiction
  2. Drinking tons of water and staying hydrated
  3. Skipping the junk food aisle and eating more balanced meals
  4. Shredding a few inches or pounds
  5. Finding the energy to perform well at work, school or even in sports
  6. Feeling lighter, happier and less bloated
  7. Lowering our blood sugar levels or cholesterol levels

Those all sound like amazing benefits, don’t they? If you want to participate, I am looking for 5 volunteers to have a 30 minutes conversation. All the information will be kept confidential, and there are no strings attached. This is to benefit both of us, brainstorm and figure out how we are going to accomplish the eating habits we want to change or improve. If you are interested, schedule your call here.

Look forward to talking to you!

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