Birthday Gratitude

It’s my birthday!!! And I’ve been running around like crazy since the beginning of the year. I bought a standard (manual shift) car a month ago because I needed to return my lease and wanted to learn a new skill. I, unfortunately, had to drop off the car today at the auto body shop because I put a dent on the front bumper when I hit a curb last weekend. I started a new job and got a chance to travel to Germany and Texas. I’m also running a 5-day sugar detox challenge on the blog, which means NO CAKE, NO ICE CREAM, NO SWEETS for my birthday (gasp!) but I am so happy I am doing this. Allowing my mind and body to find balance, to kick-off addictions and to nurture myself is a way of showing myself that I love me, I appreciate me, and I put me and my wellness first, above all social pressures. I am happy, these are the things that make me happy. Sharing my birthday with loved ones, with people that I haven’t seen in years but I care about, with family, with everyone that makes me feel important and loved, that is my happiness.

As part of my birthday celebration, I wrote a poem. I usually don’t write things like this but I felt inspired because the last 5 years have been rough, a rollercoaster of emotions, struggles, and pain, but no matter how tough and hard things got, I always found support, not only from those who love me but also strength within myself. I’ve grown beyond what I could’ve imagined and the best part is THERE IS NO STOPPING for the years to come. Happy birthday to me!

I’ve been heartbroken but I can love
I’ve been hurt but I learned compassion
I’ve moved but I’ve found home
I’ve been laid off but I found my passion
I’ve been scared but I found peace
I’ve been depressed but I found light
I’ve been anxious but I found calm
I’ve been broke but I found wealth
I’ve cried but I have smiled
I’ve been lost but I found me
Life is not easy, but there are certainly big lessons to learn, for every bad experience I’ve lived, there is something good I can find out of it. At 35 I’ve gone through all of the above, and in these pictures show where I am today.
I’m a Venezuelan, Latina, Chemical Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Friend, Daughter, Sister, SIL, Aunt, Girlfriend, Foodie, Cook, Beer Connoisseur wanna be, soon to be public speaker, strong, but most of all I am me. Age, gender, race and religion don’t define me. To 35 more years of lessons, health, and joy. Thank you to everyone who has ever been part of my life. If we lost touch you have not been forgotten, you have a place in my heart because I am thankful that there is no one I have met throughout my life that I haven’t learned something from them. To more changes, more challenges and more fulfilling and rewarding experiences! Happy birthday to me!!!

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