Benefits of Meal Prep

Meal Prep Benefits

I was so surprised about my food bill last month. I spent almost 3 times my regular bill because I failed to meal prep and ended up eating out a lot which leads to not only a higher food bill but also some issues to my overall health.

Because of this, I wanted to share today my top 5 benefits from meal prep.

#1. Meal prepping saves you $$$ – as I mentioned in my introduction, I really spent about 3 times more on food last month than I normally do. When I go grocery shopping I do not hold back on what I am going to buy. I purchase organic produce whenever possible, I buy high-quality food and ingredients because over the years I’ve come to realize that buying good quality ingredients makes a huge difference on how your food tastes. I wasn’t eating at fancy restaurants, so it is just a fact that you can save some money by cooking more at home.

#2. It helps the immune system – since I was eating out so much, even though I was trying to eat healthy options, I ended up eating more processed foods and fewer vegetables and fruits. This lead to a weaker immune system that I am still trying to boost up. I had not gotten sick in over 4 months but last week I got a cold that doesn’t want to go away. I am slowly getting better and I feel better as I am eating healthier, adding more fruits and natural vitamins and minerals to my body through food.

#3. You eat more good food more often – so one of my favorite benefits of meal prepping is that I get to think about different meals and snacks I will be eating throughout the week. It takes away the guessing game, the “wait until I’m starving” to figure out what I am eating, which leads to eating out and grabbing fast food. I know, I can hear you saying: but you can always order a salad! Yes, I did indeed order salads, a lot of them actually, from Panera Bread and Chipotle, but they still came with ingredients I don’t normally eat. I was also eating a lot less fruit, as I mentioned before, which means lower fiber intake. Fiber helps me stay regular and not feel bloated.

#4. It saves time – overall you do save time when you meal prep. If you spend a few hours on your weekend going grocery shopping, washing vegetables and chopping them, preparing some basic foods in the oven (like baking a bunch of sweet potatoes, plantains, regular potatoes, carrots, veggies) and make some rice, quinoa and beans on the stove you will have plenty of variety for the week. When you get home all you have to do is mix some ingredients together and you will have dinner ready in less than 20 minutes!

#5. Steady energy throughout your day – when you meal prep you get to think about what you are doing that week, and which days you may need to pack an extra meal, extra snack or fruit. Being ready and prepared will help you stay focus on other important things and have the energy to tackle your responsibilities.

And I actually have an extra bonus benefit of meal prepping: it helps with creativity in the kitchen. Hear me out: when you are in a rush trying to make something to eat, you end up cooking one of your go-to recipes, which may get repetitive and tiresome. But when you meal prep, you can be inspired to try those recipes you have saved in Pinterest and have been dying to try out, or a new recipe you saw on TV or your friend made for you. Not having the pressure of coming up with something fast lets you really enjoy cooking at home and create new meals that may end up in your new go-to recipes for those times when you can’t meal prep.

So there you have it. I hope you get inspired to prepare meals over the weekend and get ready for the week. Also, if you would like some additional inspiration, check out my YouTube channel here. I got tons of quick recipes and ideas for snacks and meals that will help you when you are meal prepping.

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