Seasonal Produce in the Fall

seasonal produce for the fall

I am a firm believer that mother nature is really smart. Based on this belief, I am always looking for the best seasonal produce for the fall season.


Going to a Farmer’s market usually helps you find out easily the produce that is in season. If not, at your regular supermarket you will see a price change when certain items are in season and when they are not.


I opened this post with saying that mother nature is smart because I believe it provides you with the nutrients you need to eat for the season and the upcoming months.


If you think about what is normally in season during the Fall, it includes fruits and vegetables that are sweeter and denser. This helps us stay full for longer. During the winter months, we need more calories, as our bodies not only need the normal energy to do our daily activities but also need the energy to keep us warm.


In general, the body needs to use up more calories in extreme weather, be it winter or summer. But research shows that in the winter the body does burn slightly more calories adapting to cold temperatures versus hot weather.


Since we all live in different regions and the seasons do change slightly depending on where you live, I found two great resources that can help you identify what produce you should buy during each season.


Focusing on the fall season, in the North East region of the US, it is common to find apples, winter squash, fresh kale amongst other fall and winter vegetables.


The USDA website has a general seasonal produce guide that you can use. Even if you don’t live in the US the guide is pretty standard. Check out the full list here.


Doing a more thorough research I found a foundation that will actually list all the vegetables in season according to your State (sorry I only focused on the US during my research). The Grace Communications Foundation created a website with a Seasonal Food Guide. They want to promote local businesses and help you buy from local farmers. This way you not only get the freshest best tasting produce, but you are also helping your local community and the environment. I love the way that sounds!


I’m ready for my annual apple picking trip. What is your favorite Fall activity?


If you are interested in getting started with wellness, don’t forget to download my 5-quick substitutions for your healthy eating makeover right here!

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