Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

I love eating chickpeas. There is something about all the protein packed in this tiny “capsules” that just get me super excited. This week I am sharing another way to prepare chickpeas, and this is a perfect recipe if you are looking to eat some healthy snacks. The theme of the week on the blog… Continue Reading

Snacks are good for health

Snacking is a big part of my day. It is the tool I use to keep my energy going, to get me out of my office and walk to the kitchen, break my long hours of sitting in front of my desk and hold me over until I actually have lunch or dinner. As you… Continue Reading

Cauliflower couscous recipe

If you asked me about what I think about cauliflower I will tell you: Absolutely YES! add it to your superfoods lists. For those who are skeptical about the nutrition benefits of cauliflower (because we often hear that the best vegetables to eat are the dark leafy greens), I can share a full list of… Continue Reading

A kitchen for cooking

Being mindful of the space where you prepare your meals and enjoy them is really important to succeed with overall healthy eating habits. Your kitchen can be your best friend or worst enemy when trying to change your eating habits. If you are used to buying tons of processed foods, don’t have the proper utensils… Continue Reading

Easy Smoothie Breakfast Bowl Recipe

What is so special about this breakfast cereal bowl recipe? So many things!!! To start, we are going to be using a melon or cantaloupe as the base, so excited about this because you get to eat it after you are done with the cereal. This recipe uses berries as substitute for milk. When following… Continue Reading

Lower you LDL Cholesterol

How to lower your bad cholesterol? Today I want to share with you 5 easy strategies I use to lower the LDL (aka BAD) cholesterol. It doesn’t matter that high cholesterol runs in my family. The key is to be able to adjust your genes, work with your DNA, and eat the right foods that… Continue Reading

Vegetable broth from Kitchen Scraps

Today I’m sharing a basic cooking recipe. Vegetable broth (not stock) can be made from your vegetable kitchen scraps. This helps reduce your food waste, but it brings a lot of nutrients. The reason why is a broth and not a stock is because there is no collagen from the vegetables. When you make stock,… Continue Reading

Healthy food portions

It comes as no-surprise to see the direct link between food portions and the current state of the population’s health. In the last 30 years, the food portions in developed countries have increased about 20%. Combine that with the old belief that we need to finish everything that is on our plates and you are… Continue Reading

Loaded Chickpeas and Vegetables

Another plant-based recipe coming your way today. I am making a super quick, nutrition loaded, protein packed, chickpeas with veggies dish. I have been aspiring to eat as many colors as I can on my meals, and this is a perfect example on how you can incorporate many of nature’s colors into one dish. Yellow… Continue Reading

Tips for staying healthy while traveling

When traveling for business, do you continue your health and wellness habits or do you give yourself a break and fall off the health wagon for those few days you’ll be away? As I travel for business on a regular basis, I’ve come up with strategies that help me stay energized and healthy during the… Continue Reading