Benefits of good eating habits

I can’t believe in a few weeks Memorial Day will be here. This is the “unofficial” summer kick-off in the US, especially in the North East, when the weather is finally warming up as we enter the actual summer season. Usually, around this time of the year, I think back on my New Year’s Resolutions.… Continue Reading

Homemade Applesauce Benefits

Today’s recipe is a super easy one, and I want to tell you why you should consider making your own applesauce at home. The benefits, I believe, outweigh the convenience of getting it at the store. Plus, it is so quick and simple to make that you consider doing it. There are 3 benefits I… Continue Reading

5 healthy foods that are harmful to your health

As I venture deeper into the world of nutrition I start to learn more about foods that we are told are healthy but are actually not so good for you, and some could even increase our risk for diabetes or heart disease without us knowing or realizing about the harm these foods could produce in… Continue Reading

Stuffed Roasted Bell Peppers

I’ve recently become obsessed with roasting bell peppers on my stove. I have a gas stove, and since I cannot have a grill in my apartment, I use the open flame of the burners to roast the peppers. I’ve been reducing the amount of oil and natural fats I consumed daily ever since I finished… Continue Reading

Birthday Gratitude

It’s my birthday!!! And I’ve been running around like crazy since the beginning of the year. I bought a standard (manual shift) car a month ago because I needed to return my lease and wanted to learn a new skill. I, unfortunately, had to drop off the car today at the auto body shop because… Continue Reading

Bean Salad Dressing

Did you know that salad dressings could be really unhealthy for you? I mean, what’s the point of eating a healthy salad if you end up screwing it up with the dressing. Store bought dressings usually have high sodium, fat and sugar content. If you knew that already, then you probably try to dress your… Continue Reading

Get summer ready

I must confess I love traveling, but food becomes a bit of a struggle after a while. I had one week between my trip to Germany and my trip to Texas, during that week I tried to eat as many veggies as I could but I was still tired and a bit jetlagged. Now that the… Continue Reading

Veggie Chips Recipe

One of my favorite things I like to cook at home is healthy snacks. I snack ALL THE TIME! And what has happened in the past is that when I got to the supermarket and pick up something I think is a healthy snack, it ends up having either too much oil, added sugars, too… Continue Reading

Eating Vegan vs Whole Food Plant Based

Have you ever thought about trying to eat vegan? What about understanding the difference between vegans and people who follow whole food plant based diets? Have you ever been confused about what is the difference between these two? Even if you are not confused, are you at least a bit curious? I was for sure.… Continue Reading

5 Minute Mushroom Recipe

I have this interesting story about mushrooms. Growing up I would never imagine it would become one of my favorite vegetables of all times. Even in my twenties, I would eat all sorts of vegetables, but for some reason, mushrooms were not included in the list. It had something to do with the texture (or… Continue Reading