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I love honesty, I hope you do too. Here you will find more details about what I am and what I am not. Let’s start with what I am not:
I am not a certified dietitian or nutritionist

I am not a certified health coach

I am not a health professional or doctor

I am not a professional chef
Now that you know everything I am not, this is what I am:
I am a Chemical Engineer who loves cooking

I am constantly studying specifics about food and nutrition because it is one of my passions (through classes, workshops and books)

I am creative in my own kitchen and always look for healthier alternatives to traditional recipes

I am passionate about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, putting happiness at the top on my priority list
In conclusion, I want to use my knowledge and personal experience to give you some tools and encourage you to cook at home. I want my site to help you create healthy recipes and have fun with them, enjoying whole foods, and bringing back to the kitchen the simplicity of natural ingredients that have not been highly processed or refined.