Tortilla Wraps Recipe

Imagine yourself sweating your butt off, climbing through a steep trail trying to enjoy the views but also make the full loop at a reasonable pace. This is hiking for me. Hiking is a passion I truly enjoy. It is a form of meditation. You are focused on just a few simple things: every step… Continue Reading

5 Foods that boost your energy

The sun is shining, the air is cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt but not too cold. I am enjoying every single moment of standing in the middle of Olympic National Forest. Climbing Mt. Ellinor was definitely a challenge, but what a great way to disconnect my brain and kick-off this vacation. Imagine… Continue Reading

Reduce cholesterol with zero fats

If you have been following my story, I recently embarked on a “Zero Fats” self-imposed program. Why would I do that? Well, my cholesterol history. Genetically I tend to suffer from high cholesterol, it just runs in my family. As I turned into my 30’s it just got harder to control, so I decided to go “zero fats”… Continue Reading

Supercharged Vegan Coleslaw

I love homemade classic coleslaw salad. It can be colorful and crunchy with the chopped red cabbage and shredded carrots. And since I love being creative in the kitchen, I wanted to spruce up the traditional coleslaw recipe and make it even more nutritious and colorful. I visited Montclair’s farmers market on Saturday and picked… Continue Reading

How I lower my cholesterol with food

I am still shocked by how well my cholesterol results came out this year. Heart disease and high cholesterol runs in my family, but I refuse to be defined by my genes. From my plant-based nutrition certification, I learned that we can completely transform our health and our genes with food. This is a concept… Continue Reading

Mixed Berries Sorbet

It’s recipe Thursday at Cook Dance Love Live headquarters and this week I have a delicious recipe ready for you. This dessert is gluten-free and sugar-free. Perfect for those looking for something refreshing but without the extra calories. I’m going to show to you how you prepare a delicious frozen berries sorbet. It really takes… Continue Reading

Wellness for women

One of the complaints I constantly hear from clients is that there is so much information out there regarding what foods are healthy, what is the best diet trend you should be following, what you should eat if you want to lose weight, and so much more! With all this information available at your fingertips,… Continue Reading

Roasted Chickpeas Recipe

I love eating chickpeas. There is something about all the protein packed in this tiny “capsules” that just get me super excited. This week I am sharing another way to prepare chickpeas, and this is a perfect recipe if you are looking to eat some healthy snacks. The theme of the week on the blog… Continue Reading

Snacks are good for health

Snacking is a big part of my day. It is the tool I use to keep my energy going, to get me out of my office and walk to the kitchen, break my long hours of sitting in front of my desk and hold me over until I actually have lunch or dinner. As you… Continue Reading

Cauliflower couscous recipe

If you asked me about what I think about cauliflower I will tell you: Absolutely YES! add it to your superfoods lists. For those who are skeptical about the nutrition benefits of cauliflower (because we often hear that the best vegetables to eat are the dark leafy greens), I can share a full list of… Continue Reading