Lower you LDL Cholesterol

Lower your LDL cholesterol

How to lower your bad cholesterol?

Today I want to share with you 5 easy strategies I use to lower the LDL (aka BAD) cholesterol. It doesn’t matter that high cholesterol runs in my family. The key is to be able to adjust your genes, work with your DNA, and eat the right foods that will help you control and even lower the bad cholesterol. These strategies have worked for me and many others I know. Although this is not the “perfect” recipe, and sometimes I do fall off the wagon too, I have learned what to do to make sure next time I visit the doctor and get my blood work done, the cholesterol is at normal levels.

Here are the 5 recommended strategies:

  1. Log what you are eating during a full week: You may think you are eating healthy stuff, and only snacking on processed “not-so-healthy” foods once in awhile, but if you keep a food journal you may realize that your snacks come more often than you even realize. We tend to do certain tasks during the day just because is part of our routine, like brushing your teeth, but you may not be mindful while doing it. Usually, we are thinking of so many other things, like today’s schedule, or I need to remember to do this or that. Write down what you eat to make sure you are not adding any bad cholesterol into your snacks or meals, especially when sitting down watching your favorite show.
  2. Reduce or eliminate red meats: This is a BIG one! Red meats have a lot of cholesterol, especially those with high-fat content. Keep in mind: how much red meat are you eating? Including portions of cold cuts like roast beef. Reducing or eliminating red meat may be the key to lower your LDL cholesterol.
  3. Eat more fiber: Fiber is an easy nutrient to get, fiber is present in minimally processed grains, fruits and vegetables. Next time you serve yourself food, switch the “I need to get enough protein” with “I need to get enough fiber”. This mental switch will help you tremendously reduce your cholesterol, feel full and have more steady energy.
  4. Reduce or eliminate oils: let’s start with a very simple one – fried food. AVOID fried food at all costs when trying to reduce your cholesterol level. Also, pay attention to the salad dressings, even if you are just using olive oil and vinegar, reduce the amount of olive oil, or just completely eliminate it from your salad for a few weeks before your test, the results will surprise you.
  5. Move more: exercise, especially aerobic exercise, will help you reduce your cholesterol. You will be speeding up your metabolism, and help increase your HDL (good cholesterol). You may also start losing those extra pounds, which will certainly affect your LDL levels. Find some fun activities you may enjoy, like playing football, soccer, dancing, or just going for a fast walk or easy jog.

These are easy strategies to include into your life if you can be a bit more mindful about it. Make it easy for you and your family by removing oils and red meats from your grocery list and adding more fruits and vegetables in your shopping cart.

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