Snacks are good for health

Reasons why snacks are good for your health

Snacking is a big part of my day. It is the tool I use to keep my energy going, to get me out of my office and walk to the kitchen, break my long hours of sitting in front of my desk and hold me over until I actually have lunch or dinner.

As you can imagine, snacking is really important, but what you eat as a snack is even more important as it should contain nutrients that will be easily processed by your body.

5 Reasons why snacking is important:

  1. It keeps your energy steady throughout the day. Eating some fruits mid morning and some nuts mid afternoon will definitely help you stay energized and fuel your body.
  2. It prevents you from overeating. When you eat snacks mid-morning or mid-afternoon, chances are you won’t be starving for lunch or dinner, helping you eat smaller portions.
  3. It will help you avoid sugar crashes. If you eat the right snacks during the day (avoid cookies, ice cream, or other highly processed snacks), it will help your body maintain a healthy insulin level.
  4. It improves your mood. Does anyone here suffer from getting HANGRY? I DO!!! Really bad. So eating snacks keeps that little monster asleep and everyone around me pretty safe and happy.
  5. Snacking can increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. Yes, between helping you cut portions of your main meals, keeping you satisfied, it also helps the body work in a more natural and steady way. If your body is used to processing large amounts of food it may be overworked and that’s what is used to, but if you feed it small portions, then your metabolism will activate and work at a normal if not faster pace because it is less food that it has to break down and process.

There is a lot of confusion out there regarding snacks. Some people tell you snacking is bad, others tell you snacking is good, but here is the truth:

If you eat processed snacks like potato chips, Doritos, Cheetos, M&M’s, even those labeled as “healthy snacks” like Special K bars, or quaker snack bars, then chances are you are not doing any good to your body. Where are the nutrients, where is the fiber and the natural foods?

These are not good snacks, therefore snacking on these is BAD.

But if your snacks include freshly cut cucumber slices, carrots, celery, mixed nuts, fruits, etc. then snacking is GOOD.

If you are looking for ideas on making healthy snacks for the week for you and your family check out these recipes. Easy to make and will definitely keep your body fueled and happy.

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