Tortilla Wraps Recipe

Imagine yourself sweating your butt off, climbing through a steep trail trying to enjoy the views but also make the full loop at a reasonable pace. This is hiking for me.

Hiking is a passion I truly enjoy. It is a form of meditation. You are focused on just a few simple things: every step you take on that trail, the smells of fresh trees, snow, rain, or whatever else you encounter while walking through nature, and the views.

Seeing Mt. Rainier from a distance, even while we were driving got me so excited. It is a form of happiness I only experience when I am hiking. I challenge myself but it is absolutely worth it.

Anyways, back to today’s recipe:

When I go hiking I like to be prepared. This is a major part of being safe when you get out there. I always carry extra water and extra food. You never know what mother nature can do, or what mistake you can make, so having the essentials to survive is key.

I usually do trails that are crowded, clearly marked, and mostly easy to follow.

While getting ready to hike Mt. Rainier (or the Skyline trail loop to be exact), I made my own tortilla wraps in the car.

It is such an easy recipe, with a few simple ingredients that you can get at your local Wal-mart or supermarket.

I picked up a salad mix, some beer mustard (just to be fancy), a ripe avocado, and whole wheat tortillas. Adding these ingredients is super simple and at the end all you have to do is wrap it up in aluminum foil and paper towels and you got a delicious and nutritious lunch (or snack).

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Tortilla Wraps for Hiking
Make your own hiking food right on your car as you are heading to your hiking adventure. This week I am sharing my vegan tortilla wrap recipe I made before starting to hike at Mt. Rainier. It took me less than 20 minutes to make in the car and you can see here how easy it was to make. Don't forget to share this amazing video with friends, family, and outdoor lovers!
Cuisine Plant based, Raw, Vegan
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Plant based, Raw, Vegan
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. Cover the surface with aluminum foil and paper towels
  2. Place the whole wheat tortilla on the paper towel
  3. Cut half the avocado and spread on the tortilla
  4. Add salad and mustard
  5. Wrap with foil and is ready to take on your hike Enjoy!
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